Test your web browser!

You’ve probably heard that your web browsing experience is highly affected by the browser you use.

Certainly on this blog we’ve noted the ups (and downs) of a number of browsers. Different browsers support different capabilities and it’s a very likely that the browser you are using today may not support some of the newer web technologies being used to build modern, dynamic websites.

So how does your browser stack up in terms of supporting modern web capabilities and, more important, web standards?

Run the Acid3 test to see how your browser ranks.

Here at WebStardards.org is a list of what will be tested by the Acid3 test.

I ran the test on the three browsers I run on my Windows Vista notebook and here are the results:

Internet Explorer 8:

Not only is Internet Explorer 8 the worst performing browser it also prompted me to download various add-on’s to improve it. Installing the add-on did not improve the results…

FireFox 3.6.3:


I use FireFox the most because I love the free add-ons that are available such as FireBug.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the winner! Maybe I should re-consider my preference…

So what is your browser scores low?

Well, it’s not the end of the world but it could mean you might miss out on some pretty cool features that modern websites deploy.

It is quite important if you are using function-rich websites like DecoNetwork as modern platforms like this use modern web technologies which allow the featured and functions you need.

Using a poorly performer browser might also account for why some websites you visit “just don’t work” and left you cursing the site or site owner. Chances are it did work but your browser just didn’t support it.

So look beyond the browser that came with your computer and consider adopting one of the many free browsers out there which could enhance your web browsing experience.


2 thoughts on “Test your web browser!

  1. Mietek

    It is fascinating why Internet Explorer is the most popular browser on the market while they are, at least, four different browsers better then IE. I believe it is a habit, and it is kind of scary to switch the browser because no one wants to learn everything from the beginning. In addition, when you hear about Mozilla you think about plug-ins and other add-ons and it sounds so technical that it creates an image that Mozilla is the browser designed for the advanced users only. That is so not true! Mozilla, Chrome or/and Opera is so much more user friendly and easier to use than the Internet Explorer. I remember when the Internet Explorer Version 7 was released, everyone was so happy about the new function which let you to open a new site in the tab instead of opening a new window each time. I am sure that every Internet Explorer user is enjoying this option nowadays. But, it is also good to know that the Mozilla users had that option available way before IE 7 was released. So if you are scared to switch your browser on Mozilla or Chrome or/and Opera, think about it in this way that Mozilla is not a different browser, but the browser which will be very similar to what you will see in the Internet Explorer at some point in the future. Why wait?

    I also did the test on Opera 10.53 and the score is 100/100 !

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