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DecoNetwork version 6.08 is released

DecoNetwork version 6.08 is released and all version 6.07 sites have been updated.

Some of the new improvements include:

  • Allow a customer to re-order previously ordered products from the website
  • Allow a shipping method to be available in Business Hub only
  • Allow reCaptcha to be disabled on the ‘Request a quote’ page.
  • Allow coupons to include the tax value
  • Edit the customer’s email when emailing them quote or order in Business Hub
  • Display products in Webstore only option
  • Create an order or quote in Business Hub for an affiliate store

For more information and full release notes visit deconetwork.com/releasenotes/v608.

Rush order fees – New to DecoNetwork version 6.06


In DecoNetwork version 6.06 we introduced rush order fees which allows you set up rush production times and charge for it.

Setting up your rush order fees

The first step in setting up your rush order fees is to ensure your standard production time is configured in DecoNetwork.

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork web site
  2. Browser to Manage Fulfillment > Settings > Order Options
  3. Browse and locate “Default production time (days)” under Order Settings and set you default standard production time in days. i.e. 5 days.
  4. Save this page

This will set your default production time that all orders will use unless your customer selects a rush order option.

Creating a Rush Order Fee

With your default production time configured, you can now set your rush order fees.

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork web site
  2. Browser to Manage Fulfillment > Settings > Rush Order Fees
  3. To create a new rush order fee select Add Rush Order Fee from the right Page Actions menu
  4. Complete the General tab form:Active: Tick this to make you Rush Order Fee active for customers to use.
    Name: This name will appear in the rush order drop-down to your customer. i.e. “2 day production”.
    Description: This is a longer description of your rush order fee that will appear in the rush order fee drop-down.
    Production time (days): Set the number of days production. i.e. 2 days in my example.
    Cutoff order time: Select the latest this rush order fee can be selected for the current day to be included as part of the production time.
    Minimum quantity: Set a minimum quantity required to use this rush order fee.
    Maximum quantity: Set a maximum quantity allows to use this rush order fee.


  5. Select the Pricing tab to set a flat rate ($) or percentage based (%) pricing for the use of that rush order fee. This fee will be charged to your customer if they select this rush order fee option.
  6. Select Save to save your changes.

Your rush order feel will now display on the select shipping page of your check out process and will combine with the shipping time to give an estimated delivery time. For example:


Enjoy the new Rush Order fees!

Video: CorelDRAW templates made easy webinar

Thanks to everyone who joined our “CorelDRAW template made easy” hosted by TJ Stepper of Ryonet and myself. We had fun presenting it as I hope you did attending it.

if you missed it or want to review the webinar again here is a record for you to enjoy.

See you at the next webinar!

Webinar recording: Grow your business with affiliate stores

Missed our live webinar ‘Grow your business with affiliate stores‘ today? No problem! We recorded the webinar for your viewing pleasure and posted it on our site here.

In this awesome webinar we talk about the power of affiliate stores and how they can really help your business grow. Zach Dewhurst of PrintPhase.com was great enough to share some of his secrets and how affiliate stores have made a difference to his business.

Brilliant Promoting

Check out the full recording at http://www.deconetwork.com/webinars/previous/grow-your-business-with-affiliate-stores and previous DecoNetwork webinar’s at http://www.deconetwork.com/webinars/previous.

Flush your sites cache to force latest updates

Caching is a great way to speed up a website. By caching a site, the server takes a snap-shot of the website HTML, image and other contents from the site and stores it locally. When the next person visits your website the cached copy of your site is viewed which is faster then reloading the website all over again.

However sometimes when making changes to a site it may take a while for the cache to refresh with a new copy of your site. Therefore to speed this process along we’ve created a quick way for your to flush the cache of you website and reload a new version.

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website
  2. Browse to Websites and Manage the site you want to flush
  3. Browse to Appearance and select ‘Force Flush Site Cache‘ under Related Pages

A few seconds later your site’s cache will be removed and a fresh copy of your site loaded!

Grow your business with affiliate stores

Now that you are starting to grow your online business it is time to really spread your wings on what you can do in DecoNetwork.   It is time to grow your business exponentially by incorporating affiliate stores to your business plan.  What are affiliate stores and how can they grow your business you might be asking.   The answer is quite simple, an affiliate store is a full e-commerce store that has their own products, designs and URL.  This store is not your Fulfillment Store, it is a separate store.  If you have signed up for the Premium level of DecoNetwork then you already have the ability to create affiliate stores.

How can I use affiliate stores to grow my business you ask?  You can create affiliate stores for key accounts, such as the restaurant down the street or the bakery on the corner.   There is no limit to who or what can be an affiliate store.   The affiliate store can be for use by the clients employees only to order say uniforms or it can be used to market to their clients.   Let’s say you work with a photographer, you can set up an affiliate store for that photographer with their images on your products such as mugs and tee shirts.   The photographer would promote “their” site so his clients would go and purchase products from his site but the order would go to you, you would process it and send it to the consumer.   So the Photographer never has to print a single mug or t-shirt.   But they can log into their affiliate site and check the status of the order.   One hidden gem to doing this is that you can offer to pay a commission for any orders that come through his affiliate site.   So not only does he get a professionally created website that is targeted to his audience but he can make money off that site.

Speaking of commission, you can use the affiliate network to do fundraising.   Think about the opportunity if you use it for fundraising.   You could go to the elementary school down the street, say Washington Elementary and tell them: “I am going to build you an online store for us to sell spirit wear and school uniforms, don’t worry about anything I will manage it and collect the money.   No need to do any work just promote it”.  What school would say no?  Schools LOVE fundraising but it is a big drain on their resources, they have to send out order forms, collect the order forms, collect the money, consolidate the orders, once they receive the orders they have separate the orders and hand them over to the parents.   This is so exhausting.  With the affiliate network, you turn the tables and completely automate this, the orders come to you, you process the orders, you ship the orders, and you pay the commission.   While this sounds like a lot of work you now it really isn’t because of the tools that are built into DecoNetwork.   To maximize the sales opportunity I encourage you to create postcards that can be sent home with the kids telling the parents to support their school and buy their spirit wear online along with the web address.  We created a sample postcard below.   I encourage you to create a postcard similar to this.  Not only schools, but nonprofit organizations will want to do this.

Here’s another idea for using affiliate stores to grow your business, right now in this tough economy there are millions of people looking to supplement their income.   Why not put them to work by offering them an affiliate site?  Again, they need no money to start, there is no risk, no equipment to buy, no capital investment.   All they need to do is promote it.   Tell their friends on Facebook, their family, their neighbors and anybody that will listen to check out their site.   If the site is nicely laid out and has good pricing then they will make sales.   No risk for them and no risk for you because you only pay them a commission when they sell something.   What a great way to help people earn some extra income.   We have a great customer that has made this his business model.   Zach has really grown this idea into a sustainable business model.   I asked Zach if he could share some of his thoughts and ideas on the affiliate model and why it should be a huge part of your business.   He has graciously agreed to do an informative webinar on December 13 at 2:00 PM EST, I would like all of you to attend this informative webinar.   We will be sharing more ideas and how to’s during this webinar.   Hey, if nothing else come for the free virtual doughnuts and coffee. Here is the link to register for the free webinar.

Oh! did I mention that the affiliate stores are free and unlimited in the Premium package?   That’s right, having 1 or 1,001 stores is FREE, free for you and free for your client!   So it really is a no brainer.

School postcard

Exporting your orders and sales figures from DecoNetwork

Sometimes you need to export your orders and sales figures from DecoNetwork to import into your offline accounting system or simply to give to the tax man! It’s easy to do so here are some extra tips to help you along the way.

Exporting orders from DecoNetwork

  1. Log into your DecoNetwork website and browse to Sales > Export Orders
  2. There are several export options:
    Export Customer Details: This exports a report of all sales at an order level.
    Export Latest Data: This exports the sales your had since you last did an export. This is ideal for importing into your accounting software as it will not export previously exported orders and eliminate the risk of duplicating records.
    Export Between Date Range: This allows you export sales between a specified date range.
  3. Select Export Latest Data. This will create a new entry in your Previously exported list:
  4. There are two options to view the exported order details:
    View order summary: This shows orders at an order level
    View order items: This shows the order details at a line item level
  5. Select View order items.
  6. On this screen you have an option to select what columns you want to export. Select the Select Columns options and tick the columns you want to export.
  7. When you are ready to export select CSV Export to create a CSV file of your order information.

DecoNetwork version 5 is released

The team at DecoNetwork are pleased to announce the release of DecoNetwork version 5.

This exciting release is packed with improvements and new features crafted from valuable feedback from amazing DecoNetwork users. Here’s what some of our beta testers have to say about version 5:

“After using it only for a few days I can only say WOW!” – Derek

“I upgraded to version 5 this afternoon and have to say well done, from what I’ve seen so far the changes are massive improvements” – Sarah

“V5 looking great and is an excellent work from your team.” – Stefan

“I just have to say the new UI is brilliant. Very intuitive and mighty handsome. I am also thrilled about vector text, affiliate management and product category flexibility. These just to name a few. Excellent job! Your Fan, Tommy” – Tommy

For a list of what’s available in version 5 please visit www.deconetwork.com/version5.

How do I update to version 5?

Simple! Log into your DecoNetwork website and select the “DecoNetwork version 5 is now available. Update now!” button on your dashboard.

Are there any charges or costs to the update?

None, zippo, nada! As a subscriber your update to DecoNetwork version 5 is 100% free.

Are the changes quite significant?

Thanks to your feedback we’ve made some amazing changes to the back-end user interface to make DecoNetwork more user friendly and intuitive than ever before. To help with these changes we’re prepared a short guided tour of DecoNetwork version 5 which you can see when you first log in to you new version 5 or access from you dashboard.

We’d like to thank the hundreds of DecoNetwork users who participated in our beta testing for version 5 and an extended thank you to each and every DecoNetwork site owner for helping us shape DecoNetwork version 5 to be our best release yet.

From the entire DecoNetwork team – Thank you!

Version 5 preview: Detailed video of the new DecoNetwork version 5

OK we can’t help it! Here is an extended video preview of the new DecoNetwork version 5 currently in beta with a sweet walk through the user interface.

Um “5 minutes”? Ok… I’ve got no idea on time but who cares when you’re having fun, right? :)

Version 5 preview: Store focus. Automatically configure your website pages

To simplify your store configuration process we’ve introduce a some pre-configured store layouts called Store Focus in DecoNetwork version 5. With Store Focus you can set your store in any of the three modes:

  • I want to sell my own designs: This will configure you store to best display and sell designs plus pre-decorated products.
  • I want customer to create their own designs: This will configure you store to best display and sell blank products where your customers upload their own designs.
  • I will organize my own pages: Let’s you go free-style and configure your store pages as you want!

More version 5 previews to come! :)